Friday, June 26, 2015

Look good no matter what! Luce bien todo el tiempo!

Hello lovelies, so it has been a long time I know, I know, but in honor of the #summer2015 here I would like to let you know about a few pieces of clothing every women should have in her closet; because every one looks good in these pieces no matter what's your shape or size 😜

1. A shift dress

A shift dress is great because it's lose, it's comfortable, well fitted, and it looks on just anyone. Because it has a straight cut it hides of those love handles we want to hide. Plus side we can't eat all we want because it also hides our belly think about all those summer cookout.

2. Boot cut pants

Boot cut jeans are also awesome to look and feel good not only everyone looks good on them, but because they fit a little lose everyone no matter your size or shape will look good and them and talk about you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style I know I don't.

3. White button up shirt

Well where do I start this is a staple piece every fashionista should have in his or hers closet. They are good for jobs interview. This is a given but again everyone looks good in them. You will always look well put together and you wear a white button up shirt well pair with black pencil skirt you look sharp.

5 wear spanx

Celebrities secret and just about everyone else if you want to look good in the killer dress this is the best undergarment to invest in because even people that are in shape use it. That's why they look good making us jealous now we don't have to be.

Well lovelies I hope you all try these small but helpful tips to feeling good and embracing what we have I know I did and do and I know I feel and look good in them. Anything that can help me look and feel better I will try specially if most likely is in my closet.

Love you all Lady

So long!