Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello my beauties happy belated MLK day to you all. Well on Sunday January 19 it was my birthday. I turn a year older and year wiser lol. Well I have a little story to share with you guys it turns out that till this day the dress I ordered that I wanted to wear for my birthday has not arrive:( so when the day of my birthday came I had no idea what to wear. I decided to shop my own closet and I found the perfect dress to wear although I was kind of upset that my dress didn't arrive on time. Everything turn out good I found this beautiful gold champagne color dress which I had wear one or two years ago. I wear it very different then I did the first time. Since the monochromatic look is really trendy right now I thought that was the perfect look and I was still a la mode if you know what I mean ;) the look turn out to be really pretty and I receive lots and lots of compliments.

So now you know when in doubt and can't find what to wear shop your closet and go for a monochromatic look.

PS: Plus wearing everything the same color makes you appear or look thinner even white. YES even white.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turn something ordinary into something extraordinary

Good morning my beautiful people. How do you deal with stress? Well I am the type of person that deals with stress with something that relaxes me, whether is listening to music, reading or creating crafts that helps me deal stress. Well yesterday was a very stressful day for me so little time and so many things to do. When I got home I was going to throw this empty baby shampoo bottle in the recycling bin then I looked at it and thought how can I recycle this to be able to use it again and that its when this great idea came to mind.

I made this beautiful flower vase and this cute little pencils case which look so cute and cost nothing at all but my creativity time and effort. Well on second thought it did cost something lol.

Now tell me that these are not so cute. You can make these from empty shower gel bottle, gallon of milk, lotion bottles. Etc.

I personally love how this one came out. Imagine how cute this would look if you were to make it with a bigger container that was more square and them put some calla lily flowers in it they would make great center pieces for either a wedding or a sweet 16. You can either match them or assort them it would be so beautiful I think.

Take care!
Get motivated

Lady <3

Comment down below how do you deal with stress?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Recycle your favorite necklace. Fun DYI project.

Oh no! So your favorite necklace broke, a beautiful necklace with very nice rhinestones; but one fell out and you couldn't find it. Its sad but the good news is you don't have to let go of your necklace you can use those pieces to make otherwise simple items look, presentable.

So here it's where this idea comes in handy ;)

Don't toss your empty food cans just yet because they can save you a couple of bucks. For a while I've been wanting a cute and girly brush holder. Everything I searched for what either not quite what I was looking for or too expensive for me. Until I find what I want I decided to just place my brushes in an empty food can. It did look nice just plain and simple like that. I wanted to add some pizazz that's when I found a piece of cloth that I didn't need anymore and decided to wrap the cans with it so they can look more presentable. Then I thought this is too plain. Since my necklace was missing a rhinestone I decided to decorate my cans with the rhinestones from my necklace. Now I put the rhinestones to use in a project which turned out to be really nice and my opinion. Now I feel my necklace didn't go to waste because I'm still getting use of my favorite part from it  the rhinestones which were my favorite part of the necklace anyways.

With a little bit of creativity and imagination you can turn an ordinary object into a complete piece of work, art, etc.

All this little project took to make was empty food cans.

A piece of cloth.

A hot glue gun.

Last but not least the beautiful rhinestones from one of my favorite necklace.

Hope you guys like this idea and the concept.

PS: Special thanks to my friend Vanessa from for helping me.

Go check out her blog, she has awesome posts.

Thank you,


Let your imagination fly!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Warm makeup look featuring urban decay naked3 palette

Hello friends, so I hope that you are staying warm with these freezing temperatures there are many things we can do to stay and keep warm. I personally created a very warm and naturally makeup look using my Urban Decay Naked3 palette which I got for Christmas like best gift ever. I love, love this palette. To feel warm and not feel the winter blues so much I created this warm look. Which I like it a lot for an everyday look.

Naked3 swatches

Warm makeup look.

What I personally love about this look is that as you can see, when your eyes are open it looks as if you have no makeup on and then when you closed them or look down you can see it. Love this look very simple yet so chic.

Goodbye makeup lovers.

PS: Have a nice rest of the week, and stay warm ;)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The color of the year 2014

Happy new year to all my fashion loving people. Pantone the institution of color has already released the color of the year for this year 2014 which is radiant orchid is a purple color with pink undertones. For those who purple is their favorite color like moi good news I guess is very vibrant and happy color and is the beautiful color of the year.

Of course you don't have to go around and get a new wardrobe this color, or change the color of your house or room to this color. You can of course incorporated to your wardrobe and your interior designs by adding staple pieces. For instance you can get a purse in this color, lipstick, shoes, and even curtains and accent pillows for either your room or living room. I personally love the fact that this is the color of the year such a beautiful color love it.
Hope that you all started the year in good shape.

FYI: The color of the year 2012 was tango tangerine.
And the color of the year 2013 was emerald green, just keeps on getting better.

Let me know which other color you remember as being name the color of the year; and which piece are planning to buy in the color of the yea 2014 radiant orchid.