Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Never Forgotten

I would like to use this site to take a moment of silence for those who tragically lost their lives on this day and for their family members as well. May God bring peace to their hearts.

Totalbeauty the what a girl needs mystery collection

The what a girl needs totalbeauty mystery collection, so far I like everything I received in this box. Stuff that a girl definitely needs. This a $79 value for only $22, not bad at all. This brought a full size Rapidlash eyelash growing treatment a $49 value according to the reviews on YouTube this does work. For a person that doesn't have much eyelashes or long to begin with I am very excited to try this. It also brought a pouty pop all over face stick from pop beauty wish has $14 value. It also brought a mini body oil sample and some Eboost pack with vitamin C. It also brought a beauty classic a St Ives apricot beauty scrub value at $3.99. I definately recommend this collection to anybody who wants try stuff first before committing to buying full size. What I personally love about is that there are no monthly subscription you buy when ever you are ready to buy. This absulutely one of my favorite beauty site, they always have awesome beauty deal so check them out.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Babyfoot peel

Hello, my loves today I want to give you guys a review on the babyfoot peel. This retails for $25 on, but I got mines from for $2 and some change the exact same brand which brings one application. I was not welling to pay $25 without knowing if it would work. Therefore, I went and look for a cheaper option and I found it. What this does is the it removes all the dead skin from your feet revealing beautiful and baby soft skin. You wash your feet, dry them, and then you place the bootie shaped socks that it brings; directions say to leave it on for one hour. Half hour if you have sensitive skin, which is my case. Then you rinse it off. Then you feet are suppose to start to peel in five days according to the directions. My feet started to peel the week after. I have to admit it was a bit creepy to see my feet peeling off like that. That been said, over all I am very happy with the results. Never have my feet felt and look so soft before. I would definitely recommend for you guys to give this a try it works magic.