Monday, November 17, 2014

Razor cuts! No more! Cortadas por razurarte! No mas !

Hello loves I hope you are all doing very well. Today I would like to introduce to you a product that I rediscovered. 

Have this ever happened to you? You are just there slowly shaving with a razor and out of no where you see blood coming out every where. Well been there done that! I have cut my self so many times shaving I even lost count the sad part is that I have extra sensitive skin and I easily scar for life because my skin have keloids. I scar in the outside which causes me to scar for ever. Well lucky for me and you if you have the same problem, and even if you don't Nair hair removal lotion is now better than ever with  a pleasant smell not the bad odor is used to have before.

This is a really great product it works wonder and it does what it says you get smoother legs for a longer time. All you do is put it on for three minutes then wipe and dumped clean wash cloth and voila. As simple as that. I love this product and it's affordable too :)

And you get legs that look like this without risking cutting your skin which for me has not been pretty.

Hola mis amores espero que esten de lo mas bien. Algunas de ustedes alguna vez le ah pasado esto (ver foto arriba) estan en el baño razurandose y eso y que de repente ven sangre por todos lados. Oh no! Una cortada con la razuradora. A mi me a pasado bastante veces y para mi triste suerte tengo kiloides lo cual quiere decir que cicatrizo por fuera y se me queda la marca de todo :( 

Pero bueno para mi suerte acabo de redescubrir la crema despiladora de nair lo cual es muy efectiva. Las piernas te duran mas suaves por mas tiempo y sin temor a cortarte como me a pasado a mi bastante veces. La crema ahora esta mejor que nunca y con un aroma muy agradable el de antes no era muy buen ( ver foto arriba)

Es muy facil de usar te la pones, la dejas durante 3 minutos,limpias con un paño tibio limpio y listo.

I hope this was helpful to you as it was to me.
Espero esto halla sido util para ustedes como lo es para mi.

Disclaimer: All product mentioned were purchase with my own money.
Aclaratoria: Todo producto mencionado fue comprado con mi dinero.

Happy holidays

Felices fiesta

Love Lady

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